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ASH (Ashutosh Labroo) is a CXO with 2 decades of Global Work Experiences as a Senior Global Human Resources Leader who by now has worked around the world in both the developing & the developed markets across globe.

Additionally, he also happens to a be certified Coach in Personality Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, International Position Evaluation & Career Anchoring with several years of practice & Certifications by World Renowned Institutions such as MHS EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence); Thomas Assessments. Mercer College & Hogan Dimensions & Assessments.

Outside his work-life, Ash has long been associated with the World’s leading Not for Profit Coaching Firms like EVERWISE; MENTRD & MML Global EQ Board where he spends his limited free time (outside his working hours) to coach business leaders, executives, professionals, and youngsters around the globe.

Other than everything mentioned above, he now happens to be an Internationally Published Author with his global book out on Amazon Stores Worldwide in seven countries.

As far as his professional journey goes, during his career till date, he worked in globally diverse environments helping him build a very strong global exposure, experience alongside strong strategic, advisory, leadership, operations, digital and compliance, skills, credentials & knowledge.

Few of his most significant exposures areas have been in:

A) Driving successful large scale global Mergers, Acquisition and Joint Venture deals, impacting businesses, brands, and several thousands of colleagues spread across multiple countries

B) Integrating, aligning & restructuring the acquired companies into the owner brand/ entity successfully whilst creating the spirit of one organization, multi-culturally diverse and inclusive committed to common goals of progress and excellence for all

C) Identifying the Right Successors and implementing successful Succession Plans at CXO and Board Level

D) Implementing large & complex Digital HR Shared Services serving multi-country structures

E) Managing geographically large teams of Senior Talents of several diverse nationalities spread across different countries

F) Designing and implementing new Global Vision & Core Values and new Organization Structures for large groups based across multiple countries with several diverse business lines

G) Steering large scale change management programs across multiple businesses to create successful organizations with right leadership & management.

For all the above endeavors, Ash was also very fortunate to have worked in two globally vast geographies covering several countries I.e., the APAC Region and the EMEA Region.

His fairly large APAC stints with ISS A/S have had involved him to work closely & deeply with colleagues from Denmark, USA, UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & India.

During this tenure, Ash was also elevated to be the member of the three member APAC Steering Committee for ISS A/S HQ which was involved in taking all the people decisions & building People &
Culture Policies, Frameworks & Organization Structures for all the 13 countries in the APAC Regional Cluster.

During this period from 2010 till October 2015, Ash had also extensively travelled, stayed & worked in Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia & India.

In the year 2015, Ash was headhunted by a global search firm for a large Regional Group called BMA International (spread across the GCC Region), where he spent a very large amount of time in building a huge global organization out of BMA (Fashion, FMCG & Real Estate).

During this time, Ash travelled, stayed across UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and especially Saudi Arabia (specifically in that order of priority) to drive several people & culture agendas to build a very successful for purpose global organization within BMA.

During these periods, Ash managed very different, multi-geography and vastly spread-out diverse origin team members and colleagues operating from several countries & continents. He specifically cherishes the opportunity he was presented with to build really built for purpose great organizations, teams & cultures for and in the APAC Region and then in the Middle East Region for ISS A/S and BMA International.

In his career journey till date, while Ash lived for his work across several European, Asia Pacific & Middle East Countries.

As of today, he is living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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