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Bilingual Professional (Portuguese & English) graduated in Payroll Management and Executive Business. Over than eight years’ experience in Human Resources and five years’ work in recruitment in different kind of company as university and high tech company. Passionate in innovation and digital I believe that we can hacked traditional methods of recruiting, focusing in technology we made the hiring process more assertive and faster. Hacking Talents is finding the right people to be in the right places.
Analytical, methodical and process driven individual with a passion for optimizing processes and spearheading innovative solutions. Currently seeking new opportunities whereby, I can impart real value and expertise accumulated through years of experience and a passion for the industry, whilst continuing to develop on an international stage.

Professional Highlights
✔️Developed an interview process focused on hard and soft skills rather than just trajectory; this process allowed for a more agile approach based on Hiring Manager needs and stack skill requirements.
✔️Consistently drove business results and successes, with a last quarter result of 43 new hires, + 172%, 72% accepted job offers, 2 renewed contracts and + R$ 95.000,00 nominals.
✔️Established a team from the base consisting of a 15 people distance learning team within a deadline of two months.
✔️Successfully restructured the sales and service teams, this consisted of the hiring of 1 Commercial Coordinator and 6 Assistants across both areas.
✔️Consistently met and exceeded headcount requirements set by the relevant operational groups and delivered upon strictly defined timeframes.
✔️Participated with governmental agencies including, MEC’s audits and measured the overall performance of University.
✔️Conducted HR routines in partnership with management, sharing pertinent information and validating qualifications, obtaining top level scores across the areas of Odontology, Business and Law.
✔️Successfully implemented continuous improvement processes in the area of the personnel department such as the restructuring of the admission process and contract management experience.
✔️Ensured the efficient end-to-end performance in the DP area.
✔️Participated in an IDB in the contracting of the new pharmacy management provider.
✔️Spearheaded support for Quality of Life and Well-being Programs.

Always interested in connecting with industry peers, like minded professionals and indeed Recruiters.

Please feel free to reach out and connect.

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