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Maximum Resilience for a Flourishing Workforce We are Ultimate Resilience. Evidence-based human solutions designed by experienced clinical psychologists.

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Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, I am Dr Felicity Baker owner and founder of Ultimate Resilience Ltd. Along with my cofounder, Dr Jo Burrell, we are committed to bringing you high impact, evidence-based, initiatives that produce quantifiable results for your organisation.

As a team of experienced clinical psychologists and published researchers we create safe and supportive learning experiences that lead to lasting psychological change:

Wellbeing survey & strategy development

In these times of change, businesses are juggling multiple priorities.

Creating a psychologically healthy work environment that places employee wellbeing at centre stage is essential for individual and organisational resilience. But to achieve this takes time and a considered, strategic approach.

With our extensive experience and proven methods, we can do the heavy lifting for you. By evaluating your organisation’s key pressure points and sources of staff stress, we will help you develop a wellbeing strategy that makes workplace stress a thing of the past. Our training, coaching and supervision services will support you to build strong, cohesive teams fit for future challenge.

Resilience and wellbeing training

All our wellbeing and resilience solutions prioritise the development of adaptable and flexible tools that contribute to lasting and sustainable psychological change. Drawing on scientific evidence, our sensitive, human approach builds psychological safety and promotes curiosity and collaboration.

Coaching and professional support

Our resilience coaching and supervision packages are focused interventions aimed at embedding resilience skills to underpin good health and wellbeing across your workforce.

Crafted Projects

Ultimate Resilience case studies
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