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Human Relationships help business work because people do business with people.

If you were asked, “Would you prefer to work with someone you liked or someone you disliked?” Obviously, you would want to work with someone you like. In that way you can build a relationship and trust that person. It is the same with anyone from a CEO, Director, manager to every employee.

One review of an engineering management team saved the company over €620,000 and the potential loss of 120+ jobs.

Through a “Trait analytical” questionnaire completed by everyone in a team I can show the inter-relationship between all members and the impact an additional new candidate will have on the others. The questionnaire also shows the stress level of each person and their motivation. This knowledge is vital in these challenging times to:-

Find and Retain good people.

Pick Diversity and know how to Include them in the team or group.

Identify compatible or non-compatible work colleagues and who will cause someone to quit.

Build great teams where the manager knows each person’s strengths and their connectivity to others.

Identify clashes of personalities before they become a legal matter and know how to resolve.

People Relationships are complex but there is a solution to help make your job easier.

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