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After more than twenty years serving in senior international HR Business Partner, Learning, Leadership and Organisation Development roles within large global organisations, I have embarked on a rewarding second career as an executive coach and HR consultant.  My work now focuses on the parts of HR which I have always enjoyed` most- coaching, mentoring, leadership development to help individuals, teams and organisations to enhance their effectiveness and achieve their objectives.

I’ve completed Newfield Network’s Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery Programme, am a member of the ICF and am certified in a number of psychometric and 360 assessment tools including Hogan, FIRO-B, CCL Benchmarks, Lomminger-Korn Ferry, Lifestyles Inventory.  My professional qualifications also include a Ph.D. (Northumbria University), MBA (Washington University) and BA (University of St. Thomas).

My coaching clients and colleagues would describe me as a calm, patient, positive and good-humored coach and facilitator- someone who listens with empathy and without judgement, that is able to balance challenge and support and fundamentally believes in each persons’ ability to maximise their own potential.

Having trained as an ontological coach, my approach often begins by helping clients increase their self-awareness and improve their ability to recognise (a) what they are currently doing and (b)the extent to which what they are currently doing is working well, or not so well for them.  From there, it becomes possible to explore at a more profound level how our own unique perspective and way of interpreting the world (through our body/non verbal cues, emotion and language/intellect) influences our understanding of issues and the range of actions and possibilities we see as available.  By becoming more aware of how we (currently) ‘observe’ the world and how the observer we (currently) are influences the actions we choose and the results we (currently) get, we open the door to potentially transformational learning and performance.

I work independently and with other coaching and consulting organisations like CEO Coach and HRpepper’s ThanksCoach’s network.  I live (since 21 years) in southern France near Aix-en-Provence and have dual US and UK citizenship. I work in English and speak French to a decent conversational level.  When not focused on coaching and consulting, I can be found doing a variety of DIY projects, helping my wife with her organic flower business, jogging, swimming, water skiing and snow skiing.  During the winter months, I work part-time as a PSIA (Level 1) certified ski instructor in Vail, Colorado.

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