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Intelligent Hiring Automated

Zappyhire, a global AI-powered recruitment automation solution, seeks to make the entire hiring process a breeze for everyone involved from hiring managers, candidates, and recruiters to C-suite leaders, interviewers, and HR managers. You’ll easily get access to the right talent with the never-seen-before combo of end-to-end automation, data intelligence, and unmatched user experience.

Zappyhire adjusts to the hiring procedures of all organizations while automating everything from job requisition to screening, interview scheduling, hiring, and pre-onboarding. Furthermore, with more than 16 data points, it enables you to acquire a 360° view of applicants and provides you with insightful analysis.

Crafted Projects

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How A Small Finance Bank Reduced Time-To-Hire By 4X & Candidate Drop-offs by 5X

Zappyhire Helped A Hospital to Recruit 60 Nurses from a Pool of 160 Applicants in 36 Hours

How An Innovative French Blockchain Company Spots The Right Talent

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