How it works

HR experts at your fingertips

The HaitchR network of Top HR consultants on-demand has you and your project covered. Here’s a few popular topics where our HR experts can help you succeed

Improve Employee engagement

Advice On Performance reviews & performance management

Access employee training courses & development strategies

Do you need to set employee goals & objectives

Employee retention & turnover problems solved

COVID-19 health & safety

Implement your diversity & inclusion strategies

Deploy the best HR, HRIS, HCM, or L&D software for your organisation

Growth & hiring or recruitment for your business

Remote work, hybrid work policies or flexible work strategies

Benefits & Compensation planning

Employee policies and employment law support

Do you need succession planning for your organisation

Employee health & wellness or employee assistance programs

Processes for document employee performance

New hire onboarding

Employee feedback

360-degree & 180-degree reviews

Organizational structure, re-organisation & change

Improving internal communication

If you are looking to define job descriptions

Lower your organizational costs and need an expert to give guidance

Develop company culture with expert support

90-Day performance reviews, performance plans or support plans 

and much much more......

  • Do you need an HR expert or consultant for a project

    Post a job and hire an expert Human Resources consultant

    Connect with talent that gets you with our HR freelance marketplace
    Post your job on the world’s only dedicated HR marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people around the world.

    Our advanced algorithms help you shortlist candidates who are the best fit. And you can check profiles, portfolios, and reviews before you give someone the green light to engage in delivering your requirements.

  • Human Resources Support Services Tailored to Your Needs

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    Our HR expert freelancers are ready to assist you in all difficulties you encounter in human resources management
    with our team of experts specializing in the field of human resources and each with experience in their particular genre.

    The challenges of of human resources are no longer a challenge but an exciting journey that you take in the safety and knowledge that your have the skills set to guide you, Not addressing key HR topics can negatively be affecting the activities of existing staff, Are other projects taking priority over other responsibilities that you are neglecting. New projects are established at the click of a button with HaitchR.


    HiatchR support, if used correctly when needed, has an extremely positive effect in shaping the future of your organisation as it helps to prevent costly spending, wrong decisions and gives you a transparent decision-making process. Allowing managers to put their energy into the areas they should focus on. We are ready to assist you in your human resources management process with our worldwide talent pool of experts and long years of experience in providing organisations with the complete human resources solution they require to solve their business challenges.

  • HaitchR seal of approval provides assurance when choosing

    Feel confident in your choice

    You’ll have plenty of help choosing the right person for the job. And no matter who you’re hiring you can:

    Checkmark Browse similar projects they’ve worked on or read about their experience
    Checkmark Direct-access to proven talent without unnecessary layers and high recruitment agency fees 
    Checkmark Check their portfolio to find the best fit to your organisation
    Checkmark Check qualifications quickly to confirm credibility 
    Checkmark Run a chat or video interview 24/7

The new way of work for freelance HR experts

Projects that fit your expertise, with great clients that match your culture, only in the world’s only HR marketplace.

Does your expertise stand out? Are your skills in demand? If you’re in coaching, dignity & inclusion, or HR technology, you can open a free account and begin building your freelance business today. Organisations will be able to assess your hard-earned experience and match you to exclusive opportunities via your profile.

  • Create your profile (it’s free)

    Do you want to start earning?


    An eye-catching title and client-focused overview help us match you to the work you want. Include your work history, your skills, and your photo. Add more, like an introduction video, to create a profile that really stands out.

  • How payments work?

    Confidence for both you and your client

    Whether you’re paid hourly or on a fixed-price contract, all the work you complete comes with payment protection.

    All in one place, with many methods to cash out.

    Invoice clients and track your earnings on HaitchR for a simple and streamlined process.

    Choose how you get paid, with our new milestone payments option.

    Use what works best for you—including direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and more.

    No fees until you complete your work!

    Our service fees are taken as a percentage of the total project earnings. We charge you based on each project you win with the help of HaitchR:

    • 10% on all freelancer services
    • 20% standard on HR solutions
    • Where negotiations have been reached then the % can be higher or lower or provided in a different system according the required flexibility by the member.
    • Organisations are not charged to use the platform to find HR services.
  • Frequently asked questions

    Join the fastest growing HR community


    Is HaitchR free to join as a freelancer?


    Yes, it’s free to join HaitchR, complete your profile, search for work and create your own projects. Our service fee is based on your earnings with each client and the sliding scale rewards long-term relationships which means the more business the lower the % we charge.

    Can I grow my career on HaitchR?

    Yes, some of the most successful professionals in HR have brought their strong background and employment track record to a freelance platform and built a client base and strong network of collaborators. We know you may be new to freelancing but highly experienced in your field. Get in touch with us if you need some help.

    What can I gain from freelancing with HaitchR?

    Many more people like you are choosing to leave their day jobs and grow as independent professionals. Why? Because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. The chance to work with great clients and well-known brands. Many choose HaitchR because we help them do it 

    Is HaitchR good for building a business?
    Yes, and creating a business network that keeps returning. It can be a great way to grow. Using our HR platform means, freelancers can collaborate as a single organization, delivering more to their clients. 

    What projects can I find on Upwork?

    Organisations search for help across almost every industry and skill set level. Businesses all over the world offer a variety of projects based on the foundation of their main business challenges. Find the work you’re looking for, from specific projects to ongoing, long-term work, or fixed-price and hourly contracts.


You’re business is safe with us

You are guaranteed to get what you pay for

On hourly contracts, we ensure that not only do you pay for the hours the freelancers work but that no additional hours are added without your prior agreement.

On fixed price contracts, you agree on milestones and only pay up when those milestones are hit.

  • Your HR projects & proposals All-in-one place

    Once you sign in you’ll get your own online space to manage your project.

    Use it to securely send and receive files, give real-time feedback and make payments, You can post projects or invite freelancers directly.

  • Simplify your procurement process by posting an HR tender on HaitchR

    Why post a tender here? We offer one of the most dependable and agile HR Procurement platforms in the world.

    The best part? We put the control in your hands with customizable settings to ensure you follow your templates, processes and preferences along with dedicated support to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

  • Did we mention that it's FREE

    That's right FREE

    Choose your way to get work done

    Find freelancers and run projects your way at the world’s only HR solutions marketplace.

    Post a job and hire an expert with skills or talents that get your organisation to the next level.

    Post your job on the world’s only HR marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people around the world or local providers if you prefer.

    Our advanced algorithms help you shortlist candidates who are the best fit. And you can check profiles, portfolios, and reviews before you give someone the green light and you do not pay anything for the privilege to do that.