How to become a successful HR freelancer on HaitchR

How to become a successful HR freelancer on HaitchR

The Human Resource department, or often called ‘HR’ works as a link between people and their organisation. Most businesses have a dedicated human resource department. While others prefer to outsource their human resource to professionals called HR consultants. It is also common that organisations with full time in-house HR search for the skills of HR freelancers to support on certain projects.

Human resource is not only about recruiting, hiring, training, and assessing the people but also find the best way to communicate, engage and motivate them. HR consultants or freelancers have a wide range of duties to fulfill because of which they are required to have good qualifications and experience in the field. Usually working independently, they are also expected to have a strong personality and self-driving energy.

If you are thinking of taking a leap into freelancing and becoming self-employed or if you already have extensive experience in human resources and other related disciplines? Then you need to quickly join our platform and explore the amazing opportunities that are available for you. HaitchR freelancers have an interesting, engaging, and growth-driven career and find new opportunities to earn daily. But before you make the decision to hit the join now button and become a freelance HR consultant, let’s explore more about becoming a successful one on our platform.

What Does An HaitchR HR Consultant Do?

As a freelance consultant on the platform you will be hired by businesses or organizations, You will be requested as an HR consultant to perform tasks to fulfill the human-resources-related needs of the organisations who have posted jobs and projects on the platform. Your role is to provide solutions, give thoughtful advice, and make good recommendations to the management of the companies working on projects that best match your experience and skill sets.

Companies hire HR experts on the platform when they do not have internal HR expertise to support them on various important projects. It could be to hire someone for a new role, implement a new employee package, build their D&I strategy or create policies for their employees. In such scenarios, they go out seeking guidance from an independent professional on our HR marketplace.

The idea for the companies to get the work outsourced is to be able to focus on other core activities. A consultant on the other hand can focus on dealing with actual existing problems without having biases towards the people of the organization or being tangled in the organizational politics that may lead to framing good objective decisions.

The reasons vary but you can count on one thing, They are in the right place if they need an HR expert as HaitchR provide some of the world’s leading HR experts to organisations globally.

Who Makes A Good HaitchR Human Resources Consultant?

Before you begin to plan on your freelancing journey with us, it is essential to know that the service is free to join with a small fee on any of the work you win. There is no confined job description on our platform you are free to express yourself as you wish, depending on the projects you are looking for and the companies that you wish to work with. However, these are the most common requirements we find our organisations are searching on the site:

  • Implementing various trainings for clients
  • Building a connection between the clients and companies by considering their culture and environment
  • Understanding and optimizing the client’s requirements in HR
  • Using various methods to attract talent to the organisation
  • Getting, examining applications, and shortlisting desired candidate profiles
  • Supporting with benefits and compensation strategies
  • Talking to the clients and candidates about training, career growth, and l&d
  • Developing HR strategies for business growth
  • Coaching, Mentoring and employee development

These are just the most current trending, along with the outplacement, health & safety, and hybrid / remote working, considering that we know what our clients need, and using our extensive database, algorithms and amazingly easy user-friendly platform we also know the skills that you require to be a great match.

These are the most common skills required skills for our freelancers:

  • Organizational skills
  • People skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Realistic outlook
  • Business knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Planning and relationship building skills

When working on our platform, you are expected to have a focus on quality. Working under pressure, meeting deadlines, and dealing with complex tasks are all a part of an HR freelancer’s job but quality is the most important.

Now knowing the role and skills required of YOU, are you ready to become one and start your freelancing journey with HaitchR today?

7 Steps To Becoming the best HaitchR Freelance HR Consultant

These are the steps that you should take to ensure a good start to your journey on the HaitchR marketplace.

1.     Know Your Core Strengths & Preferences

When you begin to build your profile, you should be focus on how will you be able to add value in that field on the marketplace. To do so, first, you should know yourself well enough to identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc.

It take approximately 15 mins to complete your profile and be sure to include as much information as possible.

You may know various industries and aspects of HR, but you will only be able to ace your job when you know the kind of work preference you have and are able to figure out what you are best at. Align your skills, experiences and specializations. The idea is to sync with the kind of organisations that appeal most to you.

2.     Ensure Your Motivators And Drivers to do the work are in place

Before accepting any new jobs, clients, projects, you must figure out why do you want to enter into this. In this case, decode the reason to become a freelance consultant in the first place. It could be growth opportunities, more experience, good earning potential, flexibility of work from home just always make sure that you are motivated to complete the task you are being requested to do and this will ensure high quality outputs.

3.     Define Your Services

When starting on HaitchR you will have to clearly identify your target market and create services to also help generate new business. Generalizing and appeal to a mass set of audiences will not reap great results and will expose you to high competition. Be specific when you select the niche you want to work in. This will allow you to optimize the gaps and leverage on the opportunities existing in the platform. 

Many new freelancers commit the mistake to do everything and work with all people. Remember the long-term goal for success is for you to build an authority in your niche. You cannot become an expert if you try to do everything at once. We will help to drive clients to find you but it is very much a “build it and they will come” strategy.

4.     Know your worth

The reason why you are here freelancing is income and experience. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand the value of your work and to ensure that you are clear on your expectations of remuneration.

There will be opportunities to create fast short-term revenue, but also to build long term repetitive revenue. It could be anything from doing a one off project to finding short-term HR contracts to leveraging opportunities in the HaitchR network to begin working on longer term HR projects.

5.     Build Your Online Presence with an HaitchR profile

As an HR freelancer, getting access to prospects and getting quality leads is the ideal situation. For that, along with networking, you will have to optimize your profile. Creating the profile, adding to your portfolio, ensuring that all the information that will help attract new clients is included, add your qualifications and past work experiences to increase your lead conversion chances.

Add your links to your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to help build your brand. Most importantly share your services regularly on your social media by simply copying and pasting. With many inbound enquiries being the source of your new revenue the user-friendly platform will help your new client to book and co-operate with you on their next project.

6.     No need for a Marketing Strategy or Business Development 

Many freelance HR consultants rely on referrals to get more work. However, it requires time, energy, and persuasion to get those referrals. Another issue with only relying on referrals for work is that they don’t last forever, they are good to kickstart your career.

You need a more long-term sustaining strategy along with having referrals. Many freelancers focus on building their personal brands. However, in the beginning, focus on having a plan to market yourself. A strong image with a powerful marketing strategy investing time into business development and learning new skills outside of HR to accomplish this can take years. HaitchR makes this easy by managing all the marketing, business development, SEO, PPC, ads and promotion to attract the most suitable future clients to your business.

7.    Collaboration with HR Solution providers

You will be able to work with other highly skilled HR experts. Collaborate with them on new projects. Win new clients working with other service providers around the world. 

We promote collaboration and if you need support in finding a suitable partner to work on a large scale project then email us 24/7 on and we will help you to develop new links.

Now that you have had the opportunity to review, revise and re-think we hope that we can look forward to you hitting the join now button and beginning your HaitchR journey!


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