How to post services on HaitchR

How to post services on HaitchR

Learn how to post services

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Creating a service in your profile is another way to connect with clients and earn. By creating a service, you can craft clear, defined work with set timing, details, and pricing. 

We review all services for quality and professionalism. Once your service has been launched, you can highlight it on your profile. Creating a service allows you to sit back and let clients come to you!

It is a very simple to earn and discover new clients.

1, Get an order
2, Confirm requirements, milestones and speak 1:1 with the client
3, Complete the required work, project or service.
4, Get paid

Planning to offer a service here is the best way to do it on HaitchR

You may already know what services you would like to offer based on your current offering. If you are undecided, think about the work you have done in the past, or your most popular services you offer. Here are some things to consider:

  • What work have you enjoyed the most? Coaching, Mentoring?
  • Out of all the skills and services you offer, what seems to be most in demand? What do clients request most often?
  • Which of your skills or services are easily packaged as a fixed-price job with set deliverables?
  • Do you have case studies available that can help you sell your services? You can add pictures, a video, and PDF work samples to your services. Choosing services that you can market with samples can help you be successful from the start.

Another way to get ideas for your project is to browse through the site. Look at what other freelancers are offering. But also think about what you might be able to offer that’s unique or more specialized than what’s already available. 

 Remember, you can edit every part of your services later. So, feel free to give it a go! You can continue perfecting it as you learn more about how your service catalogue works for you and your clients.

Post a service

In the main dashboard go to the main menu, select Manage services > Post a service

Start by describing what you’ll do in the Service description. Choose your details carefully, especially the service category. Clients won’t be able to find projects if they are not in the right category. You can also add custom search tags to tell clients exactly what you offer or what makes your project stand out.

Choose a category

The category is where your project will show up in Service Catalogue. Clients use categories to search for what they need, so it’s important to pick one that best represents your work.

Start by using typing or select from the drop-down menu to narrow down your search and find one that makes sense for your project. Note that you should only use the Other category if your service truly doesn’t match any of the offered categories.

Finding the right category is really important to the success of your service. So take time to review the options — you want to make sure clients see the great work you can do for them.

If you’re stuck, you can look at similar projects in Service Catalog to see how they are categorized or email us for support.

Add some specifics

Below the category, you’ll see details that apply to your category, with a great text editor to add lots of details.

Add images, videos,and as much details to this section as it is important that you provide an attractive offer and prove your worth.

Add Service FAQs

You can add as many faqs as you wish, this will help your project to stand out. We suggest including common and straightforward answers to either typical questions you hear or what you might expect your clients to ask. If someone was looking for a service like yours, what would they ask for?

Because Service Catalogue lists work on demand, it’s important to decide the project pricing and scope right away.

Package tiers: You can choose to build a project with one tier, or add three different tiers to your project to give clients options. You can choose to build tiers with different levels of service, delivery days, revisions, pricing, and add ons to the service.

Offering 3 tiers may help you sell your project by attracting a wider variety of clients who each have specific needs and budgets.

For each tier that you create, outline what is included by choosing project details, or specifications. If you are uncertain about what a detail term means or includes, you can hover over it to see a more complete explanation.

Once you have finished creating your project tiers, select the add-ons that you want to offer. Scroll down to the “Choose add-ons” section, just below the Price and scope.

Create your own custom add-on. To create your own, click the “+Add new” button. Then add the title, description, price, and the number of additional days you will need to complete this add-on. You can create up to three custom add-ons.

Pricing: Each service has a predetermined pricing that you choose. Project prices can range from as little as €1 (free) to as much as €500,000.

When deciding on your price, think about past work that you have completed and what you earned. When did you feel like you were paid what your effort was worth?

How often have your clients been willing to pay that amount?

Consider the amount of time you will spend completing a project and the amount of skill you need to complete it. The more skilled you are, and the rarer that skill is, the more you may be able to charge for your services.

If you are unsure what to charge, Contact us to discuss our support services. 

Delivery Days: Set a custom delivery time with Delivery Days for each project. The delivery time of the project is a huge determining purchase factor for clients. Make sure you set a delivery date that is manageable, but attractive to potential clients. 

Remember that the Delivery Days for each project include the amount of time it will take you to deliver a complete project, starting after a client submits their requirements to you. You can still send revisions after the delivery date, but a client can request a refund for a project delivered too late.

PRO TIP: Create different tiers for a single project to give clients options. You can choose to build tiers with different levels of service, revisions, pricing, and more. Include add-ons for an even more customized experience.

Your project will display with an image or a video as its cover. Since this is the first thing that clients see, it’s important to add high-quality pictures and/or a video. You can also add PDFs to showcase work samples. Remember to only include materials in the gallery that directly relate to the specific service that you are offering in your project.

For best results with images, consider ones with a 4:3 aspect ratio that are less than 10 MB and under 4000 px in width or height.  When you have multiple images, these will show as a carousel on your cover. So, choose each one carefully.

For video, we recommend including audio. If you are using your video as your cover, clients will see 5-10 seconds of the video when they hover over your project. Learn more about creating picture perfect images and videos here.

For PDFs, you can include 2 files that are less than 2 MB each. They can have unlimited pages, but we will only show a preview of the first 3 pages. Prospective clients will be able to see this preview within the project tile and on the project details page. Note that the PDF cannot be your project’s cover — you will still need to upload pictures and/or a video.

We recommend giving your PDFs a title, so that clients can see what they are about at a glance. If you’re offering a service in a language other than English, we suggest you write details in English as well as in the language you support and mark the fluency in English while adding your other languages that the service is available in also.

When your project displays to a client, it will look like the examples above:


One of the biggest reasons clients do not buy a service is because of issues within the gallery. Make sure you review your materials and avoid the following otherwise you risk having your service removed.

  • Low quality (pixelated, distorted, poorly cropped, etc.)
  • Clickbait (shocking or misleading wording designed to catch attention so that people will open a link to content)
  • Including your contact information (such as phone number, email) is not allowed
  • Any logos other than logos you own
  • Text-heavy images or videos — display text samples in a PDF instead
  • Images, videos, or PDFs that violate policy (including inappropriate language or plagiarism)
  • Materials that don’t represent the type of work you are offering



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