Benefits & Use cases

Benefits & Use cases

Track when a customer has left their job. Find their new company. Gain their new contact information. Know who replaces him.

  • Propel Product-Led Growth

    Your alumni users already know your brand and love you! Why not track their changes and get your foot in the door into their new company before your competitor does?

  • Revive Closed Lost Opps

    Time to raise the dead! Remember those decision-makers who didn’t buy due to timing and budget issues? New company, new budgets, new timing.

How it works & why?

The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit and the Great Reshuffle, is an ongoing economic trend in which employees have voluntarily resigned from their jobs en masse, beginning in early 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guess what it is not over and 29% of workers will quit in 2023 that is why our Sales Intelligence Software for the Human Resources (HR) industry to hack growth strategies for HR Solution providers is an innovative and cost effective solution. Easy to implement with full technical support HR3 Leads brings results from the first day.

  • System Integration Step 01

    System IntegrationOur dedicated customer support integrate with your CRM to pipe data flow

  • Data Enrichment Step 02

    Data EnrichmentAlmost 40% of your database will need enrichment if this has not been done in the past two years

  • Automated Notifications Step 03

    Automated NotificationsSales will win new accounts. Customer Success will avoid customer churn. Marketing will reduce bounce rates on campaigns

<h4>You invest so much into generating new leads, Now keep them up to date</h4>

You invest so much into generating new leads, Now keep them up to date

2x your pipeline, not your budget. The power to discover and engage the right companies at the right time in your database. Save your sales team hours of prospecting with automatic prospecting, engage, and qualify the high-fit leads your sales team is ready and eager to close


  • Real-Time data : Our data is freshest you can find because it does not come from a database but it is collected live on the web. HOT
  • Firmographics Data : Company tags, company locations, the exact number of employees.. are just an extract of the data we give to you.
  • GDPR Compliant : We do not have any database and don't store any data to guarantee you remain 100% GDPR compliant. HOT
  • No extra Add-on or lengthy integrations Unlike other sales intelligence software, everything is included. there is no extra addon to pay for uploading LinkedIn URLs.
  • ICP Ideal Client Profile Data Get gender, seniority, role, job title, company, location, and the verified work email for every contact that is available.
  • Job Change detection We automatically detect when one of your contacts moves to a new company, so your database is continually updated, enriched and your are optimising your outreach campaigns. HOT