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HaitchR’s Integrations Simplify HR Data Management

Allowing businesses to connect multiple data sources and systems seamlessly. Our platform integrates with popular HR systems, as well as other data sources such as employee surveys, CRM & performance management software. Providing accurate view of employee data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Designed to be user-friendly with dedicated support available to ensure a smooth process. Streamline your HR processes and unlock the full potential of your data.

Can’t see your tools?

We’ve got you covered. If you don’t see your tools in our supported integrations, you have data stored in spreadsheets, or are using your own in-house tools, contact us.

We value data privacy and security in the HR industry. HaitchR provides comprehensive people analytics solutions using data from various sources such as HR systems, payroll, and recruitment platforms. We ensure compliance with the latest data protection regulations and offer a user-friendly, scalable, and customizable platform. With HaitchR, you can unlock the full potential of your data and take your HR strategy to the next level.

AI-powered insights: Our platform uses AI to analyze large amounts of HR data, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into employee behavior, performance, and engagement. This can help organizations make data-driven decisions that improve their overall performance.

Advanced algorithms: Our algorithms are designed to identify patterns and trends in HR data that may not be immediately apparent to human analysts. By using advanced algorithms, HaitchR can provide more accurate and actionable insights that can help organizations optimize their HR strategies.

Machine learning: Our platform uses machine learning to continually analyze and learn from HR data. This allows us to identify new trends and patterns as they emerge, giving businesses a real-time view of their workforce and enabling them to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Natural Language Query (NLQ): Our platform uses NLQ to enable users to ask questions in plain English and get real-time, data-driven answers. This makes it easier for HR leaders to access the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Predictive analytics: Our platform uses predictive analytics to forecast future HR trends and identify potential issues before they occur. This feature can help you proactively address potential HR challenges like retention, or performance.

Automation: Our platform automates many manual HR processes, such as data entry and report generation, saving you time and increasing the accuracy of your HR data.


Discover the Benefits of HaitchR’s People Analytics Platform

Diversity and inclusion: By analyzing employee data and providing actionable insights, HaitchR can help HR leaders develop strategies to increase diversity and foster a more inclusive workplace, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Retention: By providing real-time data on employee sentiment, performance, and engagement, HaitchR can help HR leaders identify flight risks and develop strategies to improve retention, leading to increased employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

By using HaitchR’s people analytics platform, HR Leaders will gain real-time insights into employee performance, engagement, and retention, allowing them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Organisations who us HaitchR will benefit by optimizing their HR strategy, reducing turnover rates, increasing productivity, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

Employees will benefit by having their needs and preferences taken into account, resulting in increased job satisfaction, better work-life balance, and a stronger sense of loyalty towards the company.

Maximizing Your People Potential: See how HaitchR Revolutionizes HR

Recruitment: By leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, HaitchR can help HR professionals identify top talent, reducing time-to-hire and improving recruitment outcomes.

Performance management: With real-time data on employee performance, HaitchR can help HR leaders identify areas for improvement and provide employees with targeted development opportunities, leading to improved performance and increased employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement: By providing insights into employee sentiment and engagement, HaitchR can help HR leaders identify areas where employee engagement can be improved, leading to increased employee retention and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Compliance: HaitchR’s platform ensures compliance with the latest data protection regulations, helping HR leaders protect their organization and mitigate legal risks.

Data is essential in an HR dashboard for managing various HR functions. Recruitment and onboarding data helps track the quality and quantity of candidates, their hiring source, and time-to-hire. Performance management data helps identify top performers and areas needing improvement, and to set goals and objectives. Learning and development data shows the effectiveness of training programs and employee skill gaps. Compensation and benefits data helps monitor pay equity, benefit uptake, and cost control. Employee engagement data highlights factors affecting employee satisfaction and retention. 

Succession planning data helps identify potential successors and fill key positions. Separation and offboarding data shows reasons for departure and informs retention strategies. Health and wellbeing, as well as health and safety data help monitor employee wellness, identify risk areas, and inform policies and procedures.

  1. Recruitment and Onboarding
  2. Performance Management
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Compensation and Benefits
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Succession Planning
  7. Separation and Offboarding
  8. Health & Wellbeing
  9. Health & Safety

9 Essential HR Dashboards for Strategic People Analytics

Unlock Actionable Insights with 100+
Out-of-the-Box HR Metric

With our powerful analytics framework, we map your HR data to hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics across the employee lifecycle, providing you with a comprehensive view of your workforce and actionable insights to optimize your people strategy.

The platform includes a robust analytics framework that maps HR data to hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics, dashboards, and reports, providing actionable insights to drive better business decisions. HaitchR also offers AI-powered predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms that can help companies identify key areas for improvement and optimize their people strategy for long-term success. The 9 dashboards included in HaitchR cover various aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retention, including recruitment and onboarding, performance management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, succession planning, separation and offboarding, health and wellbeing, and health and safety.

  • Recruitment Metrics

    Recruitment Metrics we measure

    Time to fill open positions
    Cost per hire
    Quality of hire
    Applicant sources
    Applicant demographics
    Offer acceptance rate
    Time to onboard new hires

  • Onboarding Metrics

    Onboarding Metrics we measure

    Onboarding completion rate
    New hire satisfaction
    Compliance with onboarding requirements
    Time to productivity
    Employee engagement during onboarding

  • Performance Metrics

    Performance Metrics we measure

    Employee performance ratings Goal completion rate
    Training completion rate
    Performance improvement plans
    Employee turnover rate
    Employee satisfaction with the performance management process

  • Compensation Metrics

    Compensation Metrics we measure

    Salary and bonus information
    Pay equity analysis
    Employee compensation history
    Compensation changes over time
    Market salary data comparison
    Employee satisfaction with compensation

  • Benefits Metrics

    Benefits Metrics we measure

    Benefits enrollment rate
    Employee utilization of benefits
    Benefit plan cost analysis
    Employee satisfaction with benefits
    Compliance with benefit regulations
    Benefit plan design effectiveness

  • Career Development Metrics

    Career Development Metrics we measure

    Employee development plan completion rate
    Career pathing analysis
    Employee satisfaction with career development opportunities
    Time to promotion
    Succession planning effectiveness
    Employee retention rates

  • Offboarding Metrics

    Offboarding Metrics we measure

    Exit interview feedback
    Reason for departure
    Time between employee departure and replacement

  • Health & Wellbeing Metrics

    Health & Wellbeing Metrics we measure

    Employee wellness participation rate
    Employee stress level
    Health risk assessments completion rate
    Health claims trend analysis

  • Health & Safety Metrics

    Health & Safety Metrics we measure

    Accident frequency rate
    Safety training completion rate
    OSHA compliance rate
    Incident response time

  • Diversity Metrics

    Diversity Metrics we measure

    Employees by gender
    Employees by gender over time
    Employees by generation
    Employees by ethnicity
    Employees by department by gender
    Employees by level by gender
    Employees by level by diversity
    Employees by level by age

  • Employer Brand Metrics

    Employer Brand Metrics we measure

    Glassdoor rating trends
    Glassdoor overall rating
    Glassdoor CEO approval rating
    Glassdoor recommendation to a friend rating
    Glassdoor number of reviews

  • Employee Engagement Metrics

    Employee Engagement Metrics we measure

    ENPS (employer net promoter score)
    Response rate (% of employees participating)
    Number of questions in survey
    Engagement score
    Employee engagement scores by department

  • Headcount Metrics

    Headcount Metrics we measure

    Employee headcount
    Employee by status
    Employees headcount (trending)
    Employees by level
    Employees by location
    Employees by department
    Average PTO/absent days by department

  • Recognition Metrics

    Recognition Metrics we measure

    Work anniversaries with automated alerts

  • Retention Metrics

    Retention Metrics we measure

    Average tenure
    Tenure by department
    Tenure by age
    Tenure by ethnicity
    Number of total promotions
    Number of promotions by department
    Number of promotions by location
    Number of departures in total
    Number of departures over time
    Number of departures by department
    Number of departures by level
    Number of departures by location
    Number of employees by tenure cohorts (ex: “< 1year”, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, > 5 years)

  • Turnover Metrics

    Turnover Metrics we measure

    Overall turnover rate
    Annualized turnover data
    1st year turnover (YoY)
    Turnover by gender

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