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Managed HR Services

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  • Project deadlineAugust 23, 2023
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OXFAM Partnership NFP


Request for Tenders – HR Support/Consultancy


OXFAM Partnership NFP (OXFAM) wish to engage expertise in Human Resource (HR) Management to work with both the Board of Directors and management over a number of months, during 2022.  The overall aim is to improve OXFAM’s HR supports systems, procedures and processes.


Overview of OXFAM Partnership NFP and Programmes

The Oxfam International Secretariat (OIS) leads, facilitates, and supports collaboration between the Oxfam affiliates. The OIS Board comprises the executive director, Chair of each Affiliate, and the OI Chair. The Affiliates’ Chairs are voting members and are non-remunerated. The executive directors and the OI Chair are all non-voting-members. The Board also elects the Deputy Chair and Treasurer from among its voting members. The Board is responsible for ensuring that Oxfam International is accountable, transparent, and fit for purpose. In 2009–10 it had approximately 77 staff (including secondment placements and temporary staff). It is funded by contributions from affiliate organizations and has an operating budget of US$8.7M. The legal name of the entity is Stichting Oxfam International.


Project Outline:

The following is an outline of the core areas of focus for this project.

Project Title HR Support Service (Initial 6 month contract with option to extend for a total contract period of up to 12 months)
Reporting To: OXFAM CEO and Project Steering Committee
Employer: Stichting Oxfam International
What is the purpose of the role?



OXFAM Partnership wants to update its HR support systems, policies and procedures.  This entails planning, developing and partnering with the OXFAM Management Team to support all elements of HR support and management including staff leadership and development in order to ensure that we have the confidence, competence and capabilities to deliver on our organisation’s mission and to attract, retain and develop the best talent for OXFAM.  It is envisaged at the end of this support contract (six months and up to a total of twelve months) that OXFAM will have the systems, capability and tools to deliver best practice HR and people leadership.


The successful service provider will be responsible for the overall development and updating of HR management systems with OXFAM Management and the wider team.  This will include the development and execution of HR processes, strategies, policies and procedures to support the delivery of the people and talent strategy and supporting the HRIS development.


These key areas will include workforce planning, talent acquisition, recruitment and selection, on-boarding, learning and development, talent management and succession planning, employee relations, employee engagement, HR project management and further development / enhancement of HR policies and procedures.

Conditions of Contract: Timeframe and approach to the delivery of this contract will be outlined within the ‘Project Development Methodology’ as outlined in the following section
Project Methodology & Requirements:
HR Strategy & Culture Builder  

·        Lead and develop the organisation’s HR capability

·        Implement the resourcing strategy, workforce planning and people plan.

·        Champion the implementation of an empowering culture and engaging employee experience across the organisation.

  • Support the implementation of systems and initiatives that drive employee engagement and organisational performance.
  • Lead and partner on internal HR process improvement and key strategic initiatives projects.

·        Provide support, thought partnership, and coaching to managers and employees at all levels across the organisation on how to manage performance, conflict resolution, and interpersonal issues within their teams.

·        Lead and partner with OXFAM managers, defining and implementing the best HR solutions for the organisation,

·        Advise on consultation and coaching services to managers and employee’s on all HR practices, systems and policies.

·        Support and encourage the development of an effective team based working philosophy.

Employee Life Cycle

Talent Acquisition – Recruit and Selection – Exit

·        Drive the entire HR lifecycle (talent acquisition, recruitment, on boarding, employee development, performance management and exit interviews).


Learning and Development


·        Set up training and learning systems and structures.

  • Champion the development, design and delivery of training programmes as per the strategy requirements.
  • Support with drafting of training plans and personal development plans and oversee the timely update of training logs and records.

·        Champion and support the company’s appraisal process.

·        Lead and understand OXFAM’s capability needs

·        Maximise internal professional coaching skills to support the team’s development and training needs.

Talent Management, Performance Management and Succession Planning ·        Set up a talent management framework to support the development of employees’ capabilities and competencies.

·        Play a key role in updating and re-designing (where needed) the following frameworks: performance management, organisational effectiveness, career path development, succession planning, job shadowing, projects, and rotations.

·        Develop succession plan reviews systems with the Management team, identifying talent pipeline and performance management risks.

·        Carry out workflow mapping, job redesign and job description update.

Employee Relations and Engagement ·        Consider and continue to evolve employee engagement strategies and associated policies and procedures.

·        Review and update (where needed) workplace conflict resolution systems and where necessary suggest updated grievances and disciplinary processes and procedures.

·        Design systems for the OXFAM Board and Management to periodically review employee salaries and benefits packages and assisting, with the planning and implementation of pay structure revisions.


Governance and Compliance
  • Keeping HR policies, procedures and documentation up to date ensuring that they are reflect of the most up to date legislation.
  • Ensure legal and tax compliance in all HR activities.
  • Develops and monitors Human Resources annual budget.
  • Working with the IT Dept – set up effective HRIS systems.



Core Competencies, Skills and Knowledge requirements:
Qualifications and Experience ·        Degree / Masters in Human Resources or equivalent and CIPD qualified.

·        Ideally has a minimum of 10 years plus post qualification experience in senior HR leadership roles.

·        Ideally has experience in change management projects.


Knowledge of the HR System set up
  • Demonstrated experience and/or knowledge in organizational development, change management, employee relations and leadership development
  • Demonstrated ability to drive human resource strategies and programmes.

·        Experience of setting up HR systems, tools, policies, procedures and HR governance.


Interpersonal Skills ·        Strong communication (verbal and written) and presentation skills, including the capability of providing direction and feedback to internal and external stakeholders.

·        Ability to interact with, and effectively influence stakeholders at all levels within the organisation and external key partner organisations.

·        Strong interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills with a proven ability to handle sensitive matters with tact and diplomacy

·        Proven experience in coaching, influencing, facilitation and communication.


Technical Skills ·        Demonstrate a high level of leadership in HR policy and procedure implementation.

·        Keen to continue learning and developing own capabilities.

·        Extensive knowledge of employment legislation.

·        Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and business acumen.





Additional Information:

OXFAM has a high degree of HR and personal development systems in place and has maintained a quality support system for staff since its formation over twenty-six years ago.  Since that time there has been no HR issues of note. In a recent survey undertaken (late 2021) as part of an Operational Review, there was a high degree of employee satisfaction across the team, however areas for improvement were highlighted.

The Board and Management of OXFAM recognise the need to look at the systems of support, especially using on-line software and other supports, that could assist OXFAM in continuing to have the highest standards of HR supports and systems that it can provide.

There is no dedicated ‘HR Officer’ on this current project in OXFAM.  The role and functions are managed across the Management Team on behalf and with the support of the Board of Trustees. In recent years several staff, as part of their specific roles have gained skills and experience in the fields of Personal Development and Professional Coaching.  There have also been new developments in terms of software supports and professional on-line services that can offer high quality support small businesses like OXFAM to provide and maintain the highest standards of HR Support, Systems, Procedures and Policies.

It is with this in mind that OXFAM is looking to bring in an expert support in HR Management, to help take what is already working well and support the improvement of standards, systems, and internal structures (and capacities of key team members) to achieve this goal.


Tender Requirements – General

Proposals must include the following:

  • Overview of company submitting the quotation and contact details for key personnel
  • A detailed proposal and methodology for the work outlined including how you would approach the core areas for HR focus. Please also outline suggested means of consultation with management and the wider staff, likely time requirement etc


In outlining your methodology, you are asked to refer to each of the ‘Core OXFAM HR Areas of Focus’ and outline the following per month and per quarter:

  • Proposed support provided per month / quarter
  • Specific HR Areas of Focus that will be addressed
  • Systems and Procedures to be reviewed and updated
  • Capacity Building supports to be delivered
  • Other targets to be set and achieved
  • Details of person(s) to undertake the work including the qualifications and experience of each person involved
  • Details of any third parties to be involved in the contract and their role
  • Identification of lead consultant with overall responsibility for the contract
  • Tenders should clearly outline the time/cost associated with each element of the work outlined in the proposal, the personnel involved, and their daily rate. All costs should be quoted ex VAT, clearly stating the applicable VAT rate. Any expenses should be outlined separately.

Costs associated with the initial six months should be clearly outlined. Any additional costs associated with further supports for up to 12 months should be outlined separately.

  • Confirmation of acceptance by the tenderer and any third party of the conditions of tender
  • Relevant insurance such as professional indemnity, employers liability, cyber etc
  • OXFAM reserves the right not to award a contract if no proposal is deemed suitable
  • OXFAM will not be liable in respect of any costs incurred in the preparation or presentation of tenders


Consultants may be requested to submit additional information and may be asked to meet with OXFAM personnel.



Please outline any assumptions that you will be including in outlining your methodology including access to key members of OXFAM Board, Management or Staff


Time Frame:

OXFAM requires a detailed proposal and methodology to address the areas of HR Focus over a six-month period.  Therefore, the main ‘support plan or proposed programme of supports’ should be outlined in an initial six-month period, with monthly reviews based on specified inputs, outcomes and targets.  However, it is acknowledged that the support may be more effectively delivered over a longer period or that there may be a need to include reviews or refresher supports in the latter part of a support programme.  Therefore, additional actions can be included beyond the initial six-month support plan, with all actions completed and a final report (including any supporting materials, templates etc.) no later than 12 months from the initiation of the programme of supports.


Criteria for Selection and Award of Contract

Eligibility will be determined in accordance with the criteria set out below.


Selection Criteria:

  • Previous experience – a sample of previous HR related supports completed on behalf of client organisations and demonstrating capacity and resources to deliver a comparable scope of work, including relevant skills, expertise, and experience
  • Confirmation that Up-to-date Tax Clearance will be available if selected


Only those tenders meeting the selection criteria will be evaluated against the award criteria


Award Criteria:  

  • A clear understanding of OXFAM requirements and demonstrated knowledge of the sector
  • Relevant experience and CV’s of consultants / trainers including details of other organisations for which similar governance training has been provided
  • Methodology: A detailed description of the methodology employed to deliver on the project demonstrating: (1) an active understanding of the brief and (2) independence of approach to understand the need to simultaneously work with Board and management
  • Project Timeline: A description of proposed timeframe and key milestones for the project, demonstrating an ability to deliver within the specified timeframe
  • Cost – include a clear outline of all proposed costs
  • Tenderers may be asked to make an online presentation to OXFAM’s Board via Zoom




Understanding of OXFAM requirements 25
CV and relevant experience of consultant(s) 20
Methodology 20
Project Timeline / Availability 10
Cost 25
Total 100



Confidentiality and Ownership

All documents provided and training outcomes are strictly private and confidential and will remain the property of OXFAM Partnership NFP


Application Deadline:

Proposals should be submitted via the HaitchR platform.  The Closing date for receipt of responses is 5pm on 31st March 2022.




This RFT is for information only and does not constitute, and shall not be interpreted as, an offer for sale, prospectus, or the basis of a contract.


Tenderers are recommended to read the documents thoroughly. While all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the information set out in the RFT is accurate and up to date, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be made or given in relation to the accuracy or the completeness of any information contained in the RFT or otherwise provided by or on behalf of OXFAM (in writing or otherwise) to any interested party or its advisers. No responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of reliance on these documents, or for the information contained in these documents or for any omission is or will be accepted by OXFAM or by any of its officers, employees, agents or professional advisers. No officer, employee, agent, or professional adviser of the company has any authority to give or make any representation or warranty, express or implied, in relation to such information. OXFAM’s officers, employees, agents and professional advisers expressly disclaim all liability arising out of such documentation or information and any errors or omissions in or from the documents and information.


OXFAM reserves the right to discontinue the procurement process at any time.







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