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Emplomind’s mission is to ensure that no one has that Sunday night stomach ache when thinking about work and to destigmatize mental health at work and personal life.

Here are some numbers which shows we are succeeding with that!

πŸ’™ Average adaptation rate of our tool within organisations is around 17%

πŸ’™ 49% of employees use the psychologist support for the first time in their life in Emplomind app

πŸ’™ 43% of Emplomind users are male

πŸ’™ 97% users would recommend Emplomind to their friend

We do this through education, workshops and on-demand support.

Our On-Demand support matches employees to Counsellors and Coaches depending on the specific needs. They are then able to engage in 1-1 support through video, chat and audio sessions –Β  in fully anonymous and safe way.

Through our Team of experienced Counsellors, Therapist and Coaches with business backgrounds we are able to help organisations train its leaders and managers to better support and communicate with its people, helping them with areas such as spotting the signs of someone struggling, right through to improved communication skills.

According to WHO data every 4 employee need mental health support right now, let us help you to choose relevant and effective tools to support wellbeing of your people.

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