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Team Dynamics – Remote Profiling and Performance Training for Mission-Critical Teams


Team Dynamics elevates performance through heightened self awareness.

A Team Dynamics Profile provides rapid, empowering insights for teams and their managers.

Managed remotely, with minimal time investment, each team member learns a new and engaging way of
assessing their performance, discovering simple and memorable ways to relate and communicate better with others on the team.

The archetypal characters you’ll discover in this profiling model are recognised by everyone on this planet; whatever their race, creed, colour, language, gender or geographic location – this is because every individual has something of their distinctive character traits within them.


  • TEAM DYNAMICS PROFILE REPORT (PDF) – Mapping the strengths and struggles of each team member, providing powerful insights into the dynamics resulting from the data.
  • 2 x 90 minute Live / Online Training Workshops to reveal a new way of assessing self and others to improve communication, performance and productivity
  • Individual Team Profiles
  • Optional access to the TEAM ME Digital Academy – for anytime learning and discovery






improved efficiency and collaboration, increased productivity and job satisfaction, improved decision-making, increased energy and engagement with work, reduced personality conflicts and delegation mis-matches.




A detailed personal insights report is given to each individual and a full-team view is provided to the leadership team or head of department.

Most then opt for a program of workshops to help the team understand the dynamics currently in play, and new ways to approach and resolve any areas of challenge.



“This simple but effective method will give you a significant edge in your
personal and professional performance.”
Floyd Woodrow MBE, DCM, LLB.
CEO & Former Major in the British SAS

“Team Me… immediately helped form a mutual respect and understanding
of each of our needs, motivators and development areas.”
Gill Cooke. Head of Digital Planning and Delivery, Three

“I’ve had nothing but positive feedback; they’ve all said how valuable it
has been. It highlighted where we needed better working practices
and we’re definitely taking this on board in a positive way.”
Andrew Poynter. Proton Physics Group Leader, UCLH



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