Top tips for choosing the best HR service provider or freelancer on HaitchR

Top tips for choosing the best HR service provider or freelancer on HaitchR

How to ensure your organisation chooses the best HR solution

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen some workers facing closed offices or reduced hours, and many have sought freelance work to supplement or replace income which has introduced an entirely new talent pool to the global HR market. Many companies are embracing hiring freelance contractors for specialized or short-term assignments, temporary busy periods, or to keep payroll costs down.

The HaitchR platform makes working with freelancers or finding a new service or solution provider a low risk, user friendly process for HR managers, directors or business leaders. They are not subject to the same hiring rules and processes as regular employees. However successful organisations who are looking for business growth already tap into the knowledge of HR experts and world class HR solutions available on HaitchR.

1. You want to pick somebody who will have a good impact on your culture and suitable experience.

If you are posting a job ensure that you adequately describe the requirement or challenge your organisation is looking to solve.
When hiring directly from the platform ensure freelancers receive a thorough onboarding on company policies and values. Though they’re not technically employees of the company, freelancers will still have an impact on the culture you’re creating. When hiring, look not only at job skills but at values alignment as well.

When hiring a freelancer directly on the platform you can agree milestones to ensure that you pay when the job is done. Our HR experts choose to freelance because they prioritize their autonomy. The usual mistake organisations make is trying to manage freelancers in the same way as employees, which leads to lower motivation and trust issues. Using “Big Brother” time or desktop tracking software is the worst. Freelancers are most productive when you let them do the work in their own way, at their own pace. However if you are paying by the hour for a service you will need to discuss a tracking software if you wish to use this option.

3. Make sure your managers understand the relevant regulations.

Education for managers on what a freelancer is and how they work (or don’t) is imperative. Setting expectations at the beginning with managers will ensure success with this type of support. Not only that, but it will ensure your organization is staying compliant as it relates to any regulations for freelancers. If you have any questions about how best to work with international HR experts you can speak with us 24/7.

4. Take the time to look at the services catalogue or review portfolios and case studies.

So you need a specialized skill set for your project. Do your due diligence, but don’t reinvent the wheel most of the solution providers offer off the shelf solutions. There are also many wonderful free resources available in the HR resource library, from contracts to fee agreements to process workflow documentation. Do your research and find out what already exists from others that you can leverage and take the time to speak directly with them in the 1:1 chat.

5. Review profiles and proposals carefully.

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It is very important to vet the talent on the front end. Using the HaitchR platform to find freelancers, means that vetting can be based on their profile, past work and portfolio. By posting a job on HaitchR you can receive multiple proposals to choose from, You can be selective and decline generic proposals, choose on specialization or price. If the proposal doesn’t reference anything about the specific project or information about how they will help your company then we recommend you keep searching or consider revising your request.


6. If you choose to hire an interim HR freelancer establish workload parameters.

The freelance workforce can provide a welcomed lift to an already burned-out internal team. At the start, ensure you communicate and understand what workload they’re seeking—is it full time, part time, a few hours a week? Set expectations with these workload parameters in mind. And remember: It is still important for external partners to understand your culture and work within those boundaries.

7. If you are purchasing an HR solution clearly explain the project requirements.

So your organisation has decided to implement and HCM platform, They need an LMS, Investment in HR tech can be a demanding process dedicating time to the search, evaluation and deployment. Now with HaitchR you can streamline the process and easily gain offers from world class solution providers in an instance. Be sure to clearly define the requirement or functionality the organisation will require.

8. Conduct a two-way performance review.

Ensure there is a two-way performance/experience review, both for the benefit of the business in terms of improving the hiring experience and to ensure your organisation has an opportunity to ask all the questions required especially if this is the first time hiring a specialist. You can use the onsite 1:1 messaging panel.

9. Make sure there are no ambiguities in the contract.

It is very easy to purchase a service with no ambiguities using the platform,it is clear what is deliverable, easy to add quantifiable measures; specific milestones are agreed by both sides before proceeding; and clear remuneration for both parties with no hidden charges. It is also clearly detailed how and when the contract could be terminated by either party.

10. Payments are safe for both parties.

Protected payments, means you know what when you pay upfront your payment isn’t released until you approve the work and when you have completed the work you are paid immediately. The solution provider or freelancer is responsible for their own payroll and legal requirements so you don’t have to worry about the risks of misclassification and running afoul of legal and compliance rules and regulations when hiring or purchasing HR services.


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